A special service for commercial and contract cleaners; Our VIP customers will be provided with a loan vacuum… So there will be no down time! Having an on-site Technician means fast repairs, so you will be up and running pretty darn quick!


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We can organise a pick-up and return service anywhere in the Greater Brisbane, Ipswich, Redland City, Gold & Sunshine Coast Areas.

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We can organise for your vacuum to be collected from your home or office - we have 2 options for collection - if its boxed up and well packaged the following collection costs apply - Brisbane metro $12 North Brisbane to Sunshine Coast $16. Gold Coast $16 If you cannot find a box please call us we can collect for $18 Brisbane metro only with no box. Delivery back to your home or office will be Brisbane $12 - express courier within 4 hours - $18 each way - Gold and Sunshine Coast $13. Delivery schedule as per courier company used


SUDDENLY STOPS My vacuum suddenly stopped

If your vacuum cleaner suddenly stops and you did not notice a burning smell coming from the machine, it could be:

Loose electrical connections/faulty lead or plug/Motor has come loose from its mounting.

If you noticed the machine getting extremely hot and it shut down suddenly, check all part for blockages, remove and clean/wash filters and change the vacuum cleaner bag. Wait about half an hour to 1 hour and try the machine again – most good backpack vacuums come with an overheating overload auto switch – when it gets too hot the vacuum will turn off as an emergency, when the temperature drops to a suitable level it will be allowed to be turned on again – this is an indication a full service is required.

TEST TAG? Do I need to have a test tag on my vacuum

Electrical Test Tagging is required every 6 months for commercial appliances like vacuum cleaners regardless if they are double insulated or earthed. Due to the nature of the work, the lead is constantly being twisted, pulled and the machine is being taken from location to location, Backpack vacuums and Commercial Pull Along Vacuums should be test tagged every 6 months.

WHAT IS HEPA? Do I need better filtration for my vacuum

The amount of dust retained by your vacuum cleaner will be determined by the filtration. Most Backpacks come with micron filters, so most large dust will be filtered – this is adequate for most commercial environments, but if you wish to offer better service or if the loaction requries high filtration a vacuum with HEPA filter is recomended. HEPA filters retain 99.97% of dust, which is perfect for clean ennvironments such as Doctors Surgeries, Office cleaning, domestic cleaning where allergies are a  concern. Most HEPA filters are fitted at the exhaust of a vacuum, some are located on the inlet (in front of the motor) which means the motor will be free from dust as well. Machines with HEPA filters require more power to draw the air through the dense filter so the filter should be cleaned as much as possible.

NO POWER My vacuum does not work

Backpack vacuums require the leads to be secured well, by using a cord restraint you can secure the lead so it may not be damaged when pulled when the lead gets jammed under doors, or around the legs of furniture for example. The constant tugging on the leads and twisting means the inner cores can come apart causing the vacuums to lose power. Sometimes a shock to the machine such as transportation may result in the motor becoming loose and the contacts coming away – this can cause the vacuum to not work also. Switches and printed circuit boards can also fail as dust can interfere with the devices causing the vacuums to stop functioning.

CLEAN FASTER How to increase cleaning speed

Nothing beats a brand new vacuum, its suction is very high and all the components work great, unfortunately, this does not last long so the older the unit gets the longer it takes to get the same job finished. The trick is to keep the machine as clean as possible, a little TLC once a week will improve your cleaning time on the job by at least 20%, most vacuums can be used with synthetic bags which keep the motor extremely clean and the overall performance is increased for a much longer period of time, keeping the hair and dust out of the vacuum heads will also assist in getting the job done faster. Battery vacuums can last up to 1 hour from 1 charge, and some also come with super fast 45min charge times on the batteries so having 2 batteries could mean non stop vacuuming with no cords and almost the same power as a corded vacuum – but no leads to worry about doors, stairwells, chairs, gym equipment and so on – making cleaner much faster and easier than ever before!

Quick Reference Guide for DIY Troubleshooting

Select an option on the left to troubleshoot some common problems. Doctor Vacuum carries all common spare parts in stock with many custom-made options to repair all makes and models. If your vacuum is losing suction, it could be several issues - the vacuum cleaner takes quite a fair amount of banging around the house so it could be something that has come loose or maybe just a seal that needs replacing!

We will assess the vacuum and provide a FREE QUOTE, once approved we will proceed with the repair, as we carry motors, carbon brushes, seals, hoses, filter and most spare parts in stock we would have your vacuum cleaner back on its feet very promptly.

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