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Ducted Vacuum Repairs

At Doctor Vacuum we have experienced on road technicians ready and able to service or repair absolutely any brand of vacuum in the greater Brisbane area.


Ducted Vacuum Installations

We’re the experts in Ducted system installations, working alongside builders all over Queensland we have installed 100’s of ducted vacuums into new homes. Are you a builder or curious about a ducted system in your new home? Just reach out and we’ll give you all the advice you need!


Upgrade Your Ducted System

Is your Ducted Vacuum not performing like it used to? The average life of a ducted system is about 7-15 years depending on usage and machine model. View our range of powerful and affordable vacuum systems now!


Shop for Machines or Parts

We are the absolute largest stockist of all ducted vacuum spare parts, accessories, hoses &  motors – you name it!

What Is A Ducted Vacuum?

A ducted vacuum system is a discrete and convenient vacuuming solution for homes, businesses and warehouses. It operates by installation of in-wall piping network and a powerful vacuum body usually installed in a garage, storage or externally. The in-wall piping network leads to strategically placed inlets around the house which are activated when inserting a hose. These Vacuum systems also allow for large range of uses and tools including retractable hoses for complete ease of use.

what is a ducted vacuum system
aertecnica ducted vacuum system blue

Why choose a ducted vacuum?

Sick of buying a new vacuum every year? Battery running out halfway through the house? wondering if your vacuum is really getting everything out of that funny smelling carpet? Ducted systems were made to fix all your vacuuming problems.

Zero maintenance

Ducted systems are the most reliable and lowest maintenance vacuums on the market, only requiring an owner to empty its canister as little as twice a year! Some Ducted systems can last up to 30 years before needing replacing and will maintain powerful performance throughout.

Whole House Cleaning

Ducted systems give you power, suction and longevity like no other vacuuming option – allowing you to thoroughly clean as much or as little of your space as you need. A ducted system also is compatible with a wide range of floor tools and customisations to perfectly suit your individual needs.

Need Custom or Business Solutions?

We can build absolutely any custom ducted vacuum system.
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