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Please specify a prefered time for us to visit your home for service or repair - please note we will do our best to meet the time specified but will depend on our schedule and we will contact you with a specific time


BLOCKED PIPES 1 of my inlets has no suction

Usually, toys, socks, pen lids, bottle caps or other objects that shouldn’t be vacuumed may get stuck in the bends of the inbuilt vacuum pipes. Normal household dust and hair will then get stuck also and after some time the ducted pipes get so congested that the suction is reduced or lost altogether… The easiest way to unblock your ducted vacuum pipes is to borrow a vacuum from a neighbour or friend and insert the vacuum handle into the suspected blocked inlet. Try to create a seal with your hands and turn the vacuum on – make sure all other inlets are closed inside your house. Do this to all your inlets and if it’s not blocked too much it should help clear the debris.

Damaged Hose My vacuum hose is broken!

Most ducted vacuum hoses can be repaired, if the hose itself is split or damaged at the handle end (the part you hold onto which connects into the rods), Doctor Vacuum has special repair kits available from only $2.95 which can allow some handles to be repaired. We also carry special replacement complete handles which we have made especially for ducted vacuum hoses. This can be easily fitted yourself or if you bring in your hose to us we can fit for you! The end of the hose which connects into the wall inlet, in most cases, can also be repaired and or replaced. A hose sock can be fitted to the hose which helps to protect the hose and also your furniture and walls!

DOES NOT CLEAN CARPETS My ducted vac does not pick up hair on carpets

Carpets are great to walk, on but not if they are dirty! Most ducted vacuums should have enough power to clean Tiles and Hard floors easily, but carpets require more specialised tools to get the job done. No need to buy a new vacuum just for the carpets, basic turbine heads with a rotating brush roller can be added to almost all in-house vacuum systems, they range in price from $40 and make cleaning your carpets a breeze, if your ducted system does not have the power to pick up pet hair, then a Turbo Head will boost up the performance.

NO POWER My ducted vacuum does not turn on

The best way to check your ducted vacuum system is to switch it on via the manual switch usually located on the side or the rear of the unit. Try to turn it on and see if the machine works (make sure its plugged into the wall socket first – of course!) If there is no power here than you may need to contact us for a repair. If the machine turns on, then switch it back off and go inside your house, insert the hose at the inlet closest to the main unit and test the 1 st inlet. If it works then move on to the next until you find the faulty inlet valve. If you find 1 of the inlets does not work, you can use a Stanley knife and score the border of the plate and use a Phillips screwdriver you can remove the plate from the wall. check to see if the 2 wires are connected (these are low voltage and will not have a high current) if they are connected then you may need a new inlet valve which we stock in all colour and sizes!

NEED MORE SUCTION How can I increase the suction of a ducted vacuum system

Over many years of vacuuming the motor accumulates fine dust around the fans and bearings, keeping your filters clean (washing them) regularly will make sure the suction is better for most of the time. The Filters should be replaced at least every 2-3 years depending on use. You will find the cleaner you keep your filters the fewer dust enters the motor and the whole unit produces more air flow. Cleaning the vacuum head is also essential, checking rods to partial blockages and also getting the pipes cleaned every few years makes a world of difference to the suction.

Sometimes the main vacuum unit may be too small for the area that needs to be cleaned, in that case, you can just replace the vacuum unit for a larger more powerful machine – its quite easy get more power from your ducted system!

NEW HOME INSTALLATION Can I get a ducted vacuum installed in my new house

Yes, when building a home it is extremely important to talk to a specialist about the correct system with the best place for each inlet. Builders may include one in a package, we can suggest if it appropriate for the size and the family! Carpets, hard floors the number of pipes required all contribute to which system would be best – asthma and pets are also to be considered. We can work with the builders and install at various stages for least interruptions – we can even install vacuum dustpans in your kitchen and workshop, hidden retractable hoses and the best accessories are all available from Doctor Vacuum

Quick Reference Guide for DIY Troubleshooting

Select an option on the left to troubleshoot some common problems. Doctor Vacuum has 4 fully stocked mobile vehicles to cover from Northern Suburbs to the Gold Coast. We carry ducted vacuum pipes, ducted vacuum hoses and we can even repair your existing hose, we can trim join or repair any standard ducted vacuum hose. Blocked pipes can be fixed easily, broken face plates or inlet valves are easy to replace also!

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