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What types of bags and filters are best for commercial backpack vacuums?

The ideal bags and filters for commercial backpack vacuums depend on your specific cleaning requirements. HEPA filters are known for their efficiency in trapping fine particles and improving indoor air quality, which is crucial in commercial settings. As for bags, we like high-capacity, durable options designed for commercial use, as long as they are compatible with your vacuum model (if you’re unsure of this contact us first). We’re strong advocates for regularly cleaning and replacing your bags and filters, this makes your backpack vacuums last longer, have stronger suction and helps retain the collected dust rather than just spitting it out into the air after you’ve vacuumed it.

How often should I replace the bags and filters in my commercial backpack vacuum?

When it comes to maintaining your commercial backpack vacuum, think of bag and filter replacement as essential upkeep for peak performance. Ideally, you should change the vacuum bags when they are about three-quarters full – no need to overfill them. It’s like giving your vacuum a much-needed breather. As for the filters, they usually need a clean-up or replacement every three to six months, but if you’re tackling dustier environments or allergen-prone areas, you might need to do this more frequently. Regularly changing bags and filters isn’t just about cleanliness; it’s about ensuring your vacuum operates at its best, maintaining strong suction and effectively trapping dust and particles. Remember, a well-maintained vacuum not only performs better but also lasts longer. And if you ever find yourself unsure about when to change them, don’t hesitate to contact us