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What types of spare parts are commonly required for commercial ducted vacuum systems?

Common spare parts for commercial ducted vacuum systems include replacement hoses, filters (including HEPA filters), power units, wall inlets, and piping components. These are the essential pieces of a ducted vacuum system; any commercial-grade ducted vacuum spare parts are typically more durable and efficient than domestic-range ducted vacuum parts.

Can I easily find compatible spare parts for my specific model of commercial ducted vacuum?

Yes! Doctor Vacuum has over 40 years experience with ducted vacuums and is a trusted distributor/repair agent for the biggest brands of ducted vacuums including Aussievac, Husky, Aerotechnica, Drainvac, Cyclone, EVS, UltraVac, Delfin and more. Simply reach out to the team here and we can help with all your ducted vacuum spare parts.