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What makes commercial warehouse ducted vacuums ideal for large warehouse spaces?

In large spaces like a warehouse, a commercial warehouse ducted vacuum system is the key to keeping a clean and efficient space. It’s all about the power and reach. These systems are designed to cover large areas effortlessly, bringing powerful suction right where you need it, without lugging around a heavy machine. They’re built to handle the hefty dust and debris common in warehouses, and with their advanced filtration, you’re not just moving dust around – you’re actually clearing the air. We can connect a single vacuum system to as many points as needed around your warehouse or commercial space for simple access to vacuum. It’s a smart, efficient way to keep things tidy and healthy, especially in those big, busy spaces.

How does the installation of a ducted vacuum system benefit a warehouse environment?

Clients always mention they no longer have clutter or the hazards of portable corded vacuums. A single hidden ducted vacuum system also keeps the noise tucked away, in many cases adding a silencer can make the vacuum sounds even quieter. Getting a warehouse ducted vacuum installed means it’s tailored to your space, so every nook and cranny gets the attention it needs, through as many inlets (access points) as you want.

Can commercial warehouse ducted vacuums be customized to fit specific warehouse layouts and needs?

Commercial ducted vacuums are made to be customised and tailored to your space. We have installed efficient ducted vacuum systems in many commercial settings, such as car washes, dentists, schools, laboratories and warehouses, to name a few.