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What Are L-Class Vacuums?

L-Class Vacuums also known as light hazard dust class vacuums, are vacuums specifically designed to remove dust particles from the air. These L-class dust extractors are equipped with a higher grade of HEPA filter that captures dust particles with a size of 1mg/m3 or greater. L-class vacuums are usually suitable for removal of gypsum/plaster, aluminium and general dust that is associated with some woodworking or warehouse environments. L-Class dust extractors are used to prevent low risk hazardous dusts from being released back into the air during cleaning and this level of filtration is specifically required for certain types of dust and workplaces.

For more information read our Hazardous dust breakdown article here

What’s The Difference Between M-Class, L-Class & H-Class Filtration?

The difference between L/M/H Class vacuums are their level of filtration, in the most simple explanation, M-class vacuums (medium risk), L-class (low risk), H-class (high risk). Each dust filtration level is suitable for handling more hazardous dust, be sure to always check the dust types you are dealing with before assuming your dust extractor is capable of safely handling your materials.

This is a simple explanation of the dust exposure levels each class of filtration can handle:

L-Class = 99% filtration suitable for exposure standard of >1mg/m3

M-Class = 99.9% filtration suitable for exposure standard of >0.1mg/m3

H-Class = 99.995% filtration suitable for exposure standard <0.1mg/m3

For more information we have an in-depth article explaining the L/M/H Dust class difference here

What is acceptable for L-Class filtration?

All L-Class vacuums must comply with Class L requirements outlined by your state Government, as per QLD’s WHS information, L-class vacuums are suitable for these applications:

  • Dusts with a workplace exposure standard > 1 mg/m3 (8-hour TWA*)
  • Gypsum/plaster
  • Aluminium
  • General dust and dirt.

If you are unsure as to which filtration level is best for you, Call us for professional help.

Is M-Class Or L-Class Better?

M-Class Dust extractors serve a different purpose than L-class as they are able to handle a more hazardous dust exposure. This does mean the filtration on an M-Class vacuum is superior to that of an L-class vacuum.

If you are wondering which filtration level you need, give us a call for professional help.