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Commercial Pressure Washers

Whether you need a Commercial electric or petrol pressure washer for vast outdoor areas, vehicles or industrial equipment, our range of world-leading brands is hand-selected to take on any commercial cleaning challenge and last your business.

Commercial Pressure Washer Parts

We’ve also got you covered with a huge range of commercial pressure washer parts for both petrol or electric pressure washers. From replacement hoses, nozzles, pumps to attachments and O-rings Doctor Vacuum has a huge in-store range of pressure washer parts for leading brands.


What Are The Advantages Of Using A Commercial Electric Pressure Washer?

Commercial electric pressure washers offer several benefits, including quieter operation and no exhaust emissions. They usually come in a smaller package, which makes them easier to transport and carry around. Electric Pressure Washers are ideal for indoor use or in areas where petrol powered washers aren’t suitable. Typically, petrol pressure washers have more kick and their engines are easier to repair/last longer but have the downside of being louder, bigger and more demanding,

How Do I Choose The Right Commercial Pressure Washer For My Business?

Before buying any pressure washer, you need to assess the commercial environments you will be cleaning, how large the floor space is, how often you’ll have the machine on daily and how you will store it/transport it. You’ll also have to consider how much water flow & pressure you want. Do you need it to use hot water? Etc… If you’re struggling to decide you can call Doctor Vacuum, tell us your specific use case and we’ll recommend you the best solution completely unbiased.