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Commercial Electric Pressure Washers

Explore our selection of commercial electric pressure washers, for commercial cleaners who need a combination of power & eco-friendliness. Electric pressure washers excel in areas that don’t like loud noises, fumes, or gas emissions or have smaller, harder-to-navigate areas.

Commercial Electric Pressure Washers can still deliver a high-pressure performance even in a smaller package, making them portable and ergonomic.

Whether you’re after portability or heavy-duty for larger jobs, our range of electric pressure washers has you sorted.


What Are The Benefits Of An Electric Commercial Pressure Cleaner

Electric pressure washers offer many advantages, the most notable are that they are quieter, have no exhaust emissions and typically are lighter/easier to carry around. Excellent at indoor areas, or wherever gas powered machines are not suitable, they’re efficient, easy to take out on the job and are eco-friendly. They fall short in having inferior power to petrol machines, the electric components cannot outlast petrol machines and they require an accessible power source.

Are Commercial Electric Pressure Washers Suitable For Heavy-Duty Cleaning Tasks?

It always depends on the requirements of the job, the size of the area you are cleaning, the power required for it etc… but Commercial Electric Pressure Washers still have the ability to do a heavy duty clean – make sure to speak to the team if you are unsure about your options.

How Do I Maintain My Commercial Electric Pressure Washer?

Make sure you’re regularly checking the hose, nozzles and connections for wear and damage as these are usually the first to go. If there is specific steps to operate and startup the machine make sure you follow them and put it away accordingly. Regular maintenance will extend the life of your pressure washer with O-ring refreshes, oiling up moving parts etc…