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Wet and Dry Vacuums For Commercial Spaces

Our range of commercial wet and dry vacuum cleaners is a must for any commercial cleaning business or standard commercial/retail/workshop space. These wet and dry vacuums are easy to pull out and quickly clean up your latest spills of liquids and solids without worrying about destroying your machine.

Our commercial range of wet and dry vacuums are higher-duty machines that are built to last and provide the power necessary for prolonged use and larger cleaning spaces. With single, twin or twin motor – you can select your power needs based on budget and be assured we stock all the spare parts.


What Makes A Commercial Wet And Dry Vacuum Different From Regular Wet And Dry Vacuums

Commercial wet and dry vacuums are made for commercial spaces and use. This means they can tolerate longer run times and have options for more powerful motors, larger capacity bins, portability options and specialised features. They are built sturdy and priced fairly; commercial wet and dry vacuums are generally bought by businesses or cleaning businesses and are, in many cases, overkill for domestic use.

Can Commercial Wet And Dry Vacuums Be Used On All Types Of Flooring?

Commercial wet and dry vacuums are usually the most versatile of all vacuums; they can easily clean hardwood, tiles, concrete, and carpets – what makes the difference is the head attachment. Be sure to use the correct head attachment for your floor application; for example, carpets require a powered head with brushes, and different hard floors require different types of brushes.

How Do I Maintain My Commercial Wet And Dry Vacuum?

Commercial vacuums will always need more attention than vacuums bought for home, as you’re using them in dirtier spaces more often. You will need to keep up to date with emptying the bag/canister before their fill lines, ensuring you have the correct filters and they are replaced regularly to prolong your machine. Make sure your attachments, cords and hoses haven’t been damaged is also essential for your personal safety.