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Effortless Cleaning With Battery-powered Freedom

Our commercial battery dry vacuums are all about making you commercial cleaning jobs as easy as possible. Say goodbye to the hassle of cords and the hunt for outlets. Commercial battery dry vacuums offer the freedom to move around obstacles and furniture with ease, ensuring every detail of your warehouse, workspace, school or factory is clean.

Designed For The Commercial Cleaner

Battery vacuums always leave the question: How long does it last? Our range of battery-powered dry vacuums are selected for commercial applications, meaning they are built with larger batteries to suit the needs of commercial cleaners.

How Long Does The Batteries Last In Commercial Battery Dry Vacuums?

The battery life for commercial battery vacuums varies between models, but they usually give 60 minutes run-time, depending on the width of the brushes and the size of your space – that 60-minute run-time is usually enough for a single charge clean. These commercial battery dry vacuums also offer fast charge times to get you back to cleaning faster than ever.

Are Commercial Battery Dry Vacuums As Powerful As Corded Vacuums?

Again this varies with models, we select commercial battery vacuums that are powerful enough to get the job done for most commercial applications. Battery powered vacuums can still be equipped with powerful motors and efficient designs that are made to maximise the vacuums battery.

Is It Easy To Replace Or Recharge The Batteries In These Vacuums?

Most commercial dry vacuums offer interchangeable batteries as a purchasable extra so you can easily swap out the batteries mid clean.