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Shop The Best Commercial Dry Vacuum Bags & FiltersĀ 

Commercial vacuum bags & filters have a larger capacity for waste and more resilient/specialised filtration, are more durable and are made to last much longer than domestic vacuum bags & filters. Our Commercial Dry Vacuum Bags & Filters are selected from the best commercial vacuum brands such as Nilfisk, Karcher, Starmix, etc… and are made to survive harsher commercial environments.

Whether you’re looking for high-capacity vacuum bags or HEPA filtration for superior air quality, Doctor Vacuum has what you need.


How Often Should Commercial Vacuum Bags & Filters Be Replaced?

The time between changing your commercial vacuum bags or filters really depends on what vacuum you have, how often you use it, and in what environment you use it. Hazardous dust vacuums using class M or H HEPA filtration should be treated with extra care and sometimes may not be replaced without professional help. For general commercial cleaning you will benefit from regularly changing the bags and filters, it shouldn’t take your vacuum starting to smell or leak dust before you change your bags & filters. Changing them regularly will make your commercial vacuum last longer, keep its power, and ultimately make your jobs faster and easier.

Can Using The Right Bags And Filters Extend The Life Of A Commercial Dry Vacuum?

Absolutely. Simply put, when you leave full bags and filters inside your vacuum and run it for 5 hours a day, you are putting that vacuum through double the strain as it is trying to function with restricted ventilation (which is how your commercial vacuum gets its suction). By having clean filters and suitable bags, your vacuum requires less effort to function as intended and will last longer.

If you’re unsure which Vacuum Bags & Filters you need for your Commercial Dry Vacuum, contact us at Doctor Vacuum for free advice!