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Rod 32mm Telescopic Classic

Ultra light weight PLASTIC Telescopic rod – perfect for use in domestic wet and dry vacuums

Measures 54cm (collapsed) and extends to 86cm (Fully extended) with an aluminium locking step up and step down chanel. Can fit any vacuum that uses 32mm fittings


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Rod 32mm Telescopic Deluxe Chrome

Deluxe 32mm Telescopic Metal Chrome Rod

Suits most vacuum cleaners, adjusts with an easy push button so the rod can be easily stored, or can be used with most commercial backpack vacuum cleaners. Suits all Ducted Vacuum Systems


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Crevice Tool 32MM 33CM Long with vents

Crevice tool 32mm the perfect attachment for domestic and commercial vacuum cleaners, specially designed to fit into hard to reach places such as window seals, door tracks, car seats.

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Crevice Tool 32mm Rubber Electrolux

Electrolux Crevice tool 32mm a great attachment that can be squeezed and bend to fit the hard to reach place you need to clean. Domestic and commercial use.

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Crevice Tool Extra Slim Groova

A crevice tool attachment for vacuum cleaners, specially designed to fit into and clean narrow aluminium window and door tracks with a replaceable brush tip.

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Rod 32mm Telescopic Deluxe Aluminium

Lightweight Telescopic rod yet strong enough to withstand heavy use. Perfect for prolonged vacuuming or for cleaning 2 storey homes – water and rust resistant adjusts from 60cm (collapsed) to 100cm (fully extended)


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Rod 32mm Telescopic Platinum

Stainless Steel Telescopic rod – rust-resistant and corrosion-free this rod can be used in heavy-duty environments and is perfect to be used where moisture/water is present. If you live near a beach or if in the foodservice industry the 32mm Telescopic Premium Rod is perfect for high use environments.

Suits all vacuums that use 32mm fittings.

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Rod 32mm Telescopic Premium

Heavy Duty Italia Telescopic rod – long lasting and easy to adjust with anti-jam step down button for a smooth opening/closing.

Made in Italy and used mostly for commercial cleaning applications and with ducted/central vacuum systems worldwide.

Measures 59.5cm (closed) to 98cm (fully extended) – Suitable for all vacuums that us a 32mm fitting

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