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Industrial Portable Wet & Dry Vacuums

Doctor Vacuum offers versatile industrial wet and dry vacuums for a variety of commercial and industrial applications. Our portable industrial vacs are known for their durability and powerful suction, helping you clean up messes quickly and efficiently. Whether you need a gutter cleaning vacuum, an industrial floor prep vacuum for removing debris before painting lines, or a manufacturing vacuum to clean up metal shavings, dust and spills, we have the option to meet your needs.

Our wet and dry vacuums feature powerful motors that generate strong vacuum suctions, allowing you to pick up both wet and dry materials. The portable design makes it easy to maneuver around the worksite. The industrial-grade construction with stainless steel and plastic components ensures long-lasting performance even with heavy usage. Many of the vacs offer HEPA filtration options for applications requiring cleaner exhaust air.

For gutter cleaning jobs, we have industrial vacuums with hose extensions and attachments for efficiently sucking up leaves and debris from rain gutters. Our industrial floor prep vacs feature beater bar attachments, wide-area vacuuming heads and extra-long hoses for thorough floor preparation. Meanwhile, our manufacturing vacuums offer durable, leak-proof containers and high-filtration systems for capturing fine dust particles from industrial production lines.

Whether you need a versatile wet and dry vacuum for routine industrial clean-up or a heavy-duty vac for specialised applications, we have an option that will suit your commercial and industrial vacuum needs.