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Residential Ducted Vacuums to Suit Any Home

Ducted vacuum systems in your home are the ultimate cleaning solution – no cords, minimal noise, and very low maintenance. Our selection of ducted vacuum units and spare parts features a selection of powerful yet quiet vacuums and hose kits, accessories, and parts to make your home cleaning even easier.

Whether you’re in the market for a replacement ducted vacuum because yours has been running for the past 10 years or you are interested in getting one installed in your home, Doctor Vacuum has the largest selection of ducted vacuums in Australia, with skilled installers ready to assist your every need.

Ducted Vacuums are not just about home convenience but also creating a healthier cleaner home. The power and accessibility of an in-wall ducted vacuum means you have more access points around the home making it easier to clean, much less frustrating than a regular vacuum and much more powerful than your stick vac!


How Does A Residential Ducted Vacuum System Work?

Ducted vacuums work as a piping system connected throughout your home, all leading back to one central vacuum unit, which is usually out of sight and out of mind. A professional installer connects the vacuum to various points around the house that are accessible via installable Inlets, the vacuum can be switched on once you plug your house into the inlet and you’ll be ready to clean without getting out and tugging around a corded vacuum.

Is It Possible To Install A Ducted Vacuum System In An Existing Home?

Of course! Typically a ducted vacuum installation is finalised during home construction, but if you are looking to get one installed in your existing home we have a fleet of specialists that can easily retrofit a ducted vacuum into your home with minimal disruption.

What Is the Maintenance Like On A Home Ducted Vacuum System?

Unlike regular vacuums and very unlike stick vacuums, ducted vacuums require the least amount of cleaning and maintenance. These units can typically last 6+ months without having to change the bags or filters and are generally built to last 10+ years when treated with care. While ducted vacuums don’t require much attention, we always recommend regularly emptying the bags and changing the filters so you will get the most suction and longevity out of your vacuum unit.