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A 24/7 Clean Workshop With Residential Ducted Vacuums

Transform the way you clean your workshop with our selection of residential workshop ducted vacuums. These systems offer convenient access points for quick clean-ups all around the shop. Whether you’re working with wood, metal or something in between, these systems are designed to handle your DIY projects.

Save on the hassle of standard pull along vacuums and never have to pull out a vacuum again, these workshop ducted vacuums can connect to anywhere in your warehouse so you’ll have incredible suction power at your workbench or on the floors.


How Do Residential Workshop Ducted Vacuums Differ From Standard Ducted Vacuums

Home Workshop Ducted Vacuums are built into your home or workshop. The way they are utilised or installed is no different – except some may want vacuum inlets above workbenches or floor inlets near particularly dusty spaces. The only difference is workshop ducted vacuums are more powerful and can be wet & dry for less care when cleaning up.