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Wet N Dry Workshop Vacuums For Home

Our selection of wet and dry workshop vacuums is affordable, powerful, and durable.  They can be dragged around the workshop and will have no issues picking up from sawdust, wood chippings, larger debris, and of course, liquid.

Whether you’re looking for a basic woodworking vacuum, car detailing vac for the garage or tackling the aftermath of a DIY project, our wet and dry vacuums are up for the task.


What Makes Wet And Dry Vacuums A Good Choice For Home Workshops?

Wet and dry vacuums are known as the ‘do-it-all’ vacuum, they’re expected to be tough and to handle anything you throw at them. As long as you are using residential wet & dry vacuums for residential purposes, you will find they will last long, can take a beating, and can suck up most things in the workshop. They are capable of handling both dry materials like wood shavings and wet messes or a combination of both. Typically, these machines are used as a bagless vacuum, so you don’t have to worry about any nails or sharp pieces piercing the bag and interrupting your clean.

Can Wet N Dry Workshop Vacuums Be Used For Regular Household Cleaning?

Yes! In many cases we sell small workshop vacs for home use because they are typically more durable than a lot of regular ‘home vacuums’. When you’re cleaning carpet you can still use your workshop vacuum but make sure to add a carpet specific attachment head.

Are Residential Workshop Wet & Dry Vacuums Easy To Maintain?

Another big reason households purchase a workshop-grade wet n dry vac is because of their ease of maintenance. They remove the need for a bag, which can save money but can require more effort to contain collected dust. They also are built more durably, making them more tolerant of being dragged around and bumping into your walls…