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Electrolux Pure C9 Origin

Spotless floors and pure air. Fully Sealed PureFlow™ system for superior performance and advanced filtration, effortlessly.

7 Stage filtration

Sealed filtration system

1.6L Dustbin

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Electrolux Silent Performer Animal

The SilentPerformer has been built with silence in mind. A noise-optimized motor, together with the construction of the canister and Dust Magnet Silent nozzle ensure a more quiet clean – without compromising on performance

Extremely silent

Adjustable power control

Easy Empty system

Ergoshock bumper

2-in-1 accessory tool

Dust Magnet Silent nozzle

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Karcher T7/1 Professional

The compact Karcher T 7/1 Professional dry vacuum cleaner creates an extremely high vacuum pressure for an extremely small and compact design – also boasting a massive 7L capacity this Professional Grade Vacuum is best for retail stores, offices and any sized home that requires a lightweight yet high-quality vacuum.

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