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UltraVac Platinum Hygiene

The UltraVac Platinum Hygiene is best suited to medium-sized homes with carpets and provides a consistent level of vacuum pressure. Best used with turbo heads for removal of hair from carpets or rugs.

An all-round machine with a commercial grade motor for durability and performance.

Select Ducted Range – 5-year warranty + Select features

HEPA Filtration and can be Purchased as a Hygienic Bagged System

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UltraVac Pro Hygiene

UltraVac Pro Hygiene has been one of the most reliable and trusted Ducted Vacuum in Australia.

Built to provide trouble-free service, the Pro suits almost any sized house, office or workshop.

Hygienic Bagged System with Industrial Grade Motor with HEPA filtration and easy to empty canister makes this an ideal vacuum for any home

10-year warranty + Premium Features

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UltraVac Whisper Hygiene

One of the quietest Ducted Vacuum Systems in Australia, the UltraVac Whisper is a high performing machine built to last and provide excellent suction.

Strong vacuum pressure and very high air flow, combined, are essentialĀ for cleaning any hard floor surface and deep into the carpet fibre.

Suited for a busy home that demands high performance with minimal noise interruption –

Premium Ducted Range – 10-year warranty + Premium benefits

Hygienic Bagged System includes 6 x hygienic filter bags and 1 HEPA filter cartridges.

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UltraVac Elite 700 Hygiene

UltraVac Elite 700 Hygiene is a powerhouse unit – Very high suction, Excellent Vacuum Pressure and an Industrial Motor make this one of the highest performing and long lasting Ducted vacuums in the market.

Suited for Large to Extra Large home, Busy work environments, Car Detailing Centres or if you want to get a great clean on any floor surface.

10-year warranty + Premium Benefits

UltraVac Elite 700 Hygiene Bagged System Includes 6 Hygiene Filter BagsĀ  and 1 HEPA Filter Cartridge

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