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Cyclone 3 Motor Dust Extractor H CLASS

OSHA Compliant H13 HEPA Filters

Over 8.1m2 of Filter Surface

Jet Pulse Filter Cleaning System

Welded frame/platform provides sturdy support in tough job sites.

Allows for a 22m continuous bagging system, which ensures quick and dust-free bag changes.

A compact vertical unit, which is easy to manoeuvre and transport.

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Dust Extractor CFT-20 Series

CFT-20 Series With its compact and portable design, plus 2 single-phase industrial-grade vacuum motors, it’s ideal to support a light/mid size concrete grinder.

Dust Extractor CFT-34 Series

CFT-34 Series is equipped with a single-phase industrial-grade vacuum motor, designed to support mid-size concrete grinders.

Dust Extractor CFT-34S Series

CFT-34S Series is integrated with a cyclone separator, developed to support mid/heavy concrete grinders. With the front per-separator barrel, the machine separates more than 90% of dust and leaves only a small amount of dust through into the rear barrel for filtering, protecting the filter from clogging and damage.