Stainless body, made in Italy, filter self-cleaning system, reduces filter maintenance operations, keeping the machine’s vacuum capacity at optimal levels. Reach up to 45 meters up to six inlets

The three-phase Perfetto line is the solution for cleaning complex structures (hotels, health facilities, service flats, retirement facilities, etc.) for which Aertecnica technology and innovation create new highly professional instruments, which always guarantee optimal efficiency and quicker and more flexible cleaning.



Product specifications
General Specs
Rated Power (Watts) | Power Consumption (Watts) 1600 Watts
Sealed Vacuum : mmH20 | kPa (mmH20) (inH20) | (kPa) 313 (mBar)
Sound Pressure Level (dB(A) 63
Tank Capacity (L) 13 Litres
Weight of Vacuum (kgs) 13.80
Dust Compartment Tyoe Bagless Cyclonic
Warranty on Vacuum 5 Years
Model Number TX2A