Aussie Vac AV2900 Max Ducted Vacuum


Aussie Vac AV2900 Max Ducted Vacuum made for large retractable hose systems and the famous Chameleon hose systems .  Made in Australia

Dry |Single Motor | 55L | 71.8dB | Chameleon Hose | Bagged

1750Watts | 66.5 (l/s) | 140.9 CFM | 362.5 (mBar) | 3696 (mmH20)


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Product Overview

The Aussie Vac AV2900 Max Ducted Vacuum is powered by an ultra-high suction Ametek Lamb ‘Green Power Label” motor. With two turbocharger style large format suction fans, the AV2900 produces the highest sealed vacuum (suction power) in class; coupled with high air-flow to ensure the best performance from a retractable ducted vacuum system.

It’s the perfect partner for Chameleon retractable system in a large multi-level home. Hose retraction is swift and efficient, even 15 metre hoses with protective socks are whisked away by the power of the AV2900.

Standout Features

Dimensions & Installations

Installation is simple – theAussie Vac AV2900 Max Ducted Vacuum comes with 2 Inlet openings – one on the let and one on the right – this allows you to mount the unit in almost any space and connect your existing pipe to the unit easily.

The Aussie Vac AV2900 Max Ducted Vacuum can be installed under shelves to maximise work area in your garage or storage area, made of high quality powder coated metal to withstand knocks and bumps.

A single wall plate has multiple screw locations and the whole unit lifts up to remove.

There is no need to vent the exhaust to the exterior of the house as the Aussie Vac AV2900 Max Ducted Vacuum come standard with high quality micron Filtration

A muffler is included which connects to the exhaust vent of the motor – this reduces the air flow noise down which allows for a more comfortable operation inside your home.

Rated Power (Watts) 1750 Watts
Sealed Vacuum : mmH20 | kPa 3696 (mmH20) 145.5 (inH20) | 36.25 (kPa) 362.5 (mBar)
Airflow Max l/s | ft3/min (cfm) 66.5 (l/s) 3990 (l/m) | 140.9 (ft3/min) 239.4 (m3/hr)
Air Watts @motor | @ end of hose 685
Motor Type Two Stage Bypass Motor
Sound Pressure Level (dB(A) 71.8
Sealed Vacuum System YES
Self Cleaning Filter NO
Micron Filtration Up to & Including 2 micron YES
Certified HEPA Filtration Level 0.3 Micron or bigger NO
Adjustable Speed NO
Tank Capacity (L) 55 Litres
Weight (kgs/grams) 17.30
Dimensions 760 mm Height x 390mm Diameter
Accessories NO
Dust Compartment Tyoe Bagged Disposable
Warranty 5 Years
Model Number AV2900

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