Cyclone CFT11 50L H CLASS HEPA 14 Dry Vacuum



Cyclone CFT-11 Compact H CLASS dust extractor is compact and fits in small spaces, making it perfect for small grinders and power tools  – double filtered with JET Pulse clean.

Dry Use | Single Motor | 50L | 60dB | H CLASS

1200Watts | 3333 (l/m) | 2243 mm (H20)

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Product Overview

Cyclone CFT-11 H CLASS Dust Extractor is equipped with a conical pre-filter and one H13 HEPA filter. The conical pre-filter has a 1.7 m filter surface area. Each of the HEPA filters is independently tested and certified . Cyclone CFT-11 H CLASS Dust Extractor can separate the fine dust with efficiency >99.99%@0.3μm, ensuring your workspace is a clean and safe environment. CFT-11 is recommended for small grinders and handheld power tools.

Jet pulse filter cleaning, allows the filter to be cleaned without the need to remove the main conical filter or open the lid to the vacuum system onsite. For extra safety, a disposable polybag can be used and zip tied for non-exposure of any fine dust or other contaminants. The H 13 HEPA filter is fitted securely at the rear of the vacuum away from any large dust or debris ensuring long life and maximum dust retention.

This small and highly portable dust extractor is the perfect companion measuring … can fit into any small van or ute and comes equipped with a 38mm …m hose, 38mm hose cuff to fit into floor edger, small grinders or just for general clean up around any worksite.


Standout Features

Rated Power (Watts) 1200W
Sealed Vacuum : mmH20 | kPa 2243 (mmH20) 88.32 (inH20) | 22 (kPa) 220 (mBar)
Airflow Max l/s | ft3/min (cfm) 3333 (l/m) 55 (l/s) | 117.70 (ft3/min) 200 (m3/hr)
Motor Type Industrial Single Stage Bypass
Sound Pressure Level (dB(A) 80 dB (measured @ 1.0m Distance)
Sealed Vacuum System YES - H CLASS
Specialty Filters H13 >99.99%@0.3μm
Certified HEPA Filtration Level 0.3 Micron or bigger YES - >99.99%@0.3μm
Adjustable Speed NO
Cord Length (m) 7.5m
Total Reach (m) 12.5m
Tank Capacity (L) 50 L dry
Weight (kgs/grams) 25 kg
Dimensions 65cm L x 45cm W x 80cm H
Onboard Tool Storage NO
Multi Floor Combination Head No
Hard Floor Synthetic Brush Head Yes
Rod Type Metal 2 Piece
Rod/Tools/Head Size 38mm
Dust Compartment Tyoe Bagless Cyclonic
Warranty 1 year Commercial
Model Number CFT-11

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