DrainVac Tornado Commercial 46 litre Wet & Dry Twin Motor Ducted Vacuum


The Drainvac TCM1 is a commercial grade wet and dry ducted vacuum system offering powerful cyclonic twin motors and a bagless system requiring low maintenance

Wet & Dry | Twin Motor | 46L |  70dB | Up To 10 Inlets | Bagless

3240 Watts | 55 (l/s) | 198 CFM | 411 (mBar) |  4191 (mmH20)

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DrainVac Tornado Commercial 46 litre Wet & Dry Twin Motor Ducted Vacuum $4,590.00

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Product Overview

Powerful Cyclonic Dry & Wet Twin Motors
This multi-functional Ducted Vacuum system thoroughly removes dust, liquids & solids with powerful cyclonic suction for consistent, reliable performance

Powerful Workhorse
Powered by twin motors: Two motors configured in series, work together to provide amazing lifting power and airflow.

Engineered for performance: Every detail of Tornado systems is designed to maximise suction performance and reliability.

Cyclonic Dry & Wet
Powerful cyclonic action: TCM1 is engineered to create a powerful cyclonic force to separate and retain vacuumed materials.

Vacuum dust, solids & liquids! Vacuum dry, wet and everything in-between. Whatever you encounter, Tornado will handle it all.

Any surface, any substance: Loves liquids, thoroughly clean any substance, any surface quickly with one system. The freedom to spray water and loosen stains.

No consumables: No need to replace bags or filters. The Tornado’s bucket will handle everything while being easy to empty.

The power to handle anything and everything!
The DrainVac range of central vacuums are known the world over for market leading performance across all metrics. The DrainVac Tornado TCM1 delivers outstanding suction performance with the ability to vacuum dry & wet.

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Dry & Wet – Any surface, Any Substance!
Vacuum dry, wet & everything in-between, Tornado will handle it all. No need to fear liquids, thoroughly clean any substance, any surface quickly with one system. No need to call a professional carpet / rug / upholstery cleaner, with Tornado you can handle any accident immediately before it becomes too late!

Twin Motors – Powerful Suction
Working in unison, two extremely powerful motors deliver outstanding suction performance. Get the job done quickly & efficiently, with powerful, consistent suction and airflow you can rely on.

No Consumables
DrainVac Tornado does not require the purchase or replacement of any consumables. No bags, no filters. Instead, DrainVac Tornado utilizes a unique combination of cyclonic suction with water to encapsulate dust and other substances.

40 years of R&D
All DrainVac systems benefit from 40+ years of research and development. Across 36 countries and a diverse customer base including commercial and industrial, DrainVac leverages this experience in the design and refinement of every system.

Unbreakable Casing
The airtight system casing is made from unbreakable Polypropylene – backed by a lifetime warranty. No rust, leaks or noisy reverberations.

Made in Canada
All DrainVac system are manufactured in Quebec Canada with strict quality control measures and testing regimes. Proven quality, battle tested with 40 years of real world use.

Rated Power (Watts) 3240 Watts
Sealed Vacuum : mmH20 | kPa 4191 (mmH20) 95.38 (inH20) | 41.1 (kPa) 411 (mBar)
Airflow Max l/s | ft3/min (cfm) 55 (l/s) 3,300 (l/m) | 116.5 (ft3/min) 198 (m3/hr)
Air Watts @motor | @ end of hose @ motor 2x355 Air Watts
Sound Pressure Level (dB(A) 70
Sealed Vacuum System YES
Self Cleaning Filter NO
Specialty Filters Permanent SMS filter treated with SilverClear™ antibacterial agent
Micron Filtration Up to & Including 2 micron YES
Adjustable Speed NO
Tank Capacity (L) 46
Weight (kgs/grams) 21Kg
Dimensions 950 Height 380 Diameter
Accessories YES
Dust Compartment Tyoe Bagless Cyclonic
Warranty 10 Year System Warranty + Lifetime Casing Warranty
Model Number TWISTER-2M7A46-FL

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