Electrolux Silent Performer Animal


The SilentPerformer has been built with silence in mind. A noise-optimized motor, together with the construction of the canister and Dust Magnet Silent nozzle ensure a more quiet clean – without compromising on performance

Extremely silent

Adjustable power control

Easy Empty system

Ergoshock bumper

2-in-1 accessory tool

Dust Magnet Silent nozzle

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Silence Pro System

An acoustic quieting motor together with the new Dust Magnet Silent nozzle ensures quieter cleaning without compromising on performance.

Extremely quiet

One of the quietest bagless machines in the Electrolux range.

Easy Empty system

Dispose of dust quickly and easily with the Easy Empty system.

Adjustable power level

The power regulation control allows you to choose the appropriate suction power depending on the floor surface being cleaned.

Ergoshock bumper

The soft wheels and Ergoshock bumper protect your walls, floors and furniture from accidental knocks.


Product specifications
General Specs
Rated Power (Watts) | Power Consumption (Watts) 1600W
Certified HEPA Filtration Level 0.3 Micron or bigger HEPA 12 washable filter
Adjustable Speed adjustable power control
Total Reach (m) 9m
Weight of Vacuum (kgs) 5kg
Accessories DustMagnet Silent| Full Size Turbo| Full Size Hardfloor Tool| 2-in1 Tool
Carpet/Rug Turbo Head Yes
Rod Type Aluminium Telescopic
Warranty on Vacuum 2 YEAR DOMESTIC
Model Number ZSP4303PET