Adjustable power control

The PowerForce has an adjustable power control allowing you to control the appropriate level of suction depending on your floor type.

Power Pro System

PowerForce comes with our Power Pro System. This is the combination of an efficient motor and the DustPro nozzle, which delivers perfect cleaning results on both hard floors and carpet.

360 Motion Technology

Small rotating wheels that are ideal for vacuuming around objects and hard to reach areas.

180 Access

The complete top cover of the PowerForce can opened up completely to make easy work of changing filters and dustbags.

Washable HEPA filtration

Helps to maintain a healthier home environment.


Product specifications
General Specs
Rated Power (Watts) | Power Consumption (Watts) 2000W
Battery Capacity (A h ) | (Wh)
Certified HEPA Filtration Level 0.3 Micron or bigger HEPA 12 washable filter
Adjustable Speed adjustable power control
Total Reach (m) 12m
Weight of Vacuum (kgs) 4.26kg
Accessories DustMagnet Silent| Full Size Turbo| Full Size Hardfloor Tool| 3-in1 Tool
Carpet/Rug Turbo Head Yes
Rod Type Stainless Steel Telescopic
Warranty on Vacuum 2 YEAR DOMESTIC
Model Number ZPF2320TP