Pre Motor Filter to suit Dyson DC18 DC25 Models

Location – This filter can be inside the dust bin, remove the dust bin and the filter is located in the upper section of your cyclonic dust bin.

Cleaning – Tap out as much dust as possible – It is crucial to clean this filter as much as possible – if you use the vacuum regularly the foam filter can be washed every 2-3 weeks. Ideally it is best to make sure the dust does not pass all the way past the foam filter, the white filter cage should be clean enough for light to pass through – hold it up to a light source (sun) and if no light passes through once the filter is dry than it is recommended to replace the filter set

If the foam sponge filter is starting to shrink or is degrading in quality (starts to disintegrate when you press down on it), then it must be replaced.

The pre-motor filter comes in a set – 1 foam insert and 1 white filter in a plastic cage

Do not use oils or spray perfume directly onto the paper filter

Model: 911685-01


Model Number 32201332
Product Specifications
Model Number 32201332