Husky Flex Ducted Vacuum


Husky Flex Power Unit Only suits medium sized homes up to 5 inlets. Husky Flex 25 Year Manufacturer Warranty Made In Canada

Dry Use | Single Motor | 21L | 55dB | Up To 5 Inlets | Bagless/Bag

1400Watts | 59 (l/s) | 125.10 CFM | 340 (mBar) | 3472 (mmH20)


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Product Overview

Husky Flex Power Unit Only with Hybrid filtration: May be used with or without a high efficiency Husky disposable filtration bag

Machine-washable permanent filter with SILPURE* antibacterial treatment for odour prevention and superior air quality

When a Husky high efficiency disposable filtration bag is used, the system performs a double-filtration for unparalleled air quality


Standout Features

Dimensions & Installation

Installation is simple – the Husky Flex comes with 1 inlet opening at the centre on the top of the vacuum allowing easy installation – this allows you to mount the unit in almost any space and connect your existing pipe to the unit easily. Due to the advanced design, the Husky Flex is compact and does not require as much space as most ducted vacuums and does not require the air to be vented to the outside of the home.

The Husky Flex can be installed above benches to maximise work area in your garage or workshop and is very lightweight which allows for easy removal when servicing.

A single wall plate has multiple screw locations and the whole unit lifts up to remove. It can be installed inside a cupboard, wardrobe or even outside your home (must be protected from the elements).

There is no need to vent the exhaust to the exterior of the house as the Husky Flex systems come standard with High-Grade Filtration which filters down to 0.3 of 1 micron.

No muffler is required due the incredible low noise (55dB)

Rated Power (Watts) 1400watts
Sealed Vacuum : mmH20 | kPa 3472 (mmH20) 117.80 (inH20 ) | 35 (kPa) 340.50 (mBar)
Airflow Max l/s | ft3/min (cfm) 59 (l/s) 3540 (l/m) | 125.1 (ft3/min) 212.40 (m3/hr)
Air Watts @motor | @ end of hose @ motor 580 Air Watts
Motor Type Long Life Flow Through
Sound Pressure Level (dB(A) 55dB
Certified HEPA Filtration Level 0.3 Micron or bigger HEPA 10 Washable
Adjustable Speed NO
Total Reach (m) UP TO 50m OF PIPE | 5 INLETS
Tank Capacity (L) 21.1L
Weight (kgs/grams) 7.7kgs
Dimensions 568mm H x 335mm Diamater
Accessories NO
Multi Floor Combination Head No
Hard Floor Synthetic Brush Head No
Hard Floor Natural Fibre Bristle Head No
Flat Profile Multi Use Head No
Carpet/Rug Turbo Head No
Mini Upholstery/Car Turbo Tool No
Dust Compartment Tyoe Bagless Cyclonic
Warranty 25 YEARS
Model Number HUSKY FLEX

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