Starmix iPulse 1600W L Class Vacuum


Starmix iPulse 1600W L Class Vacuum for the construction site and workshop, equipped with 4m hose, metal rod set and – WITH FLOOR TOOL KIT!

Wet/Dry | Single Motor | 35L | 69dB | 13m Reach | Bagless/Bag

1600Watts | 75 (l/s) | 158.90 CFM | 280 (mBar) | 2855 (mmH20)

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Product Overview

Starmix iPulse 1600W L Class Vacuum for the construction site and workshop, equipped with 4m hose, metal 38mm handle, 38mm Rod and 38mm Hard Floor Brush.

For the toughest heavy-duty continuous use in industry, in the workshop and on the construction site. For vacuuming directly at the electric power tool during drilling, milling, grinding and sawing, plaster, wood, paints and varnishes (not hazardous dust, dust class “L”).

A highly intelligent electronics measure the current occupancy state of the filter (pressure difference meassurement “PDM”). Once the factory preset vacuum value is reached, both of the filters are alternately cleaned within 3.5 seconds using high performance electromagnets, without interrupting work. Even the most fine and problematic particles of dusts – such as plaster – can be easily removed from the filters.

Benefit: cleaning according to requirements at constantly high air flow, significantly reduced system costs due to longer filter life, saves time and costs.

Intelligent electronics measure the suction before and after the filter (DDM). As soon as a difference suction value set at the factory is reached, the impulse filter cleaning switches on automatically and cleans both filter cassettes for 3.5 seconds, one after the other, with electromagnetic shock. Even problematic dust such as plaster cannot stand the forces at work – over 300-times the force of gravity (300 g).

Standout Features

Rated Power (Watts) 1600W
Sealed Vacuum : mmH20 | kPa 2855 (mmH20) 112.40 (inH20) | 28 (kPa) 280 (mBar)
Airflow Max l/s | ft3/min (cfm) 4500 (l/m) 75 (l/s) | 158.90 (ft3/min) 270 (m3/hr)
Motor Type Commercial Single Stage Flow Through
Sound Pressure Level (dB(A) 69dB
Sealed Vacuum System YES - L CLASS
Self Cleaning Filter YES
Specialty Filters (Polyester) Dust retention capacity 99%
Certified HEPA Filtration Level 0.3 Micron or bigger YES
Adjustable Speed YES
Cord Length (m) 8m
Total Reach (m) 13m
Tank Capacity (L) 35 L dry
Weight (kgs/grams) 16.8 kg
Dimensions 53cm L x 40cm W x 92cm H
Accessories Hose, Power Tool Adaptor, Rod set, Hard Floor Brush
Onboard Tool Storage YES
Multi Floor Combination Head No
Hard Floor Synthetic Brush Head Yes
Hard Floor Natural Fibre Bristle Head No
Rod Type S Shaped Metal
Rod/Tools/Head Size 36mm
Warranty 2 year Commercial
Model Number AIS35L

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