UltraVac Elite Ducted Vacuum


UltraVac Elite Ducted Vacuum is a powerhouse unit – Very high suction, Excellent Vacuum Pressure and an Industrial Motor Made In Australia.

Dry | 1 Motor | 25L | 72.5dB | Up To 9 Inlets | Bagged/Bagless

1800Watts | 56 (l/s) | 118.72 CFM | 341.4 (mBar) | 3480 (mmH20)

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Product Overview

UltraVac Elite Ducted Vacuum comes with an industrial grade motor for heavy duty performance for busy households. The Extra large motor provides excellent suction and vacuum pressure for long pipe runs. You can be sure the UltraVac Elite will outperform and stand the test of time.

Excellent for busy workshops, able to drive any turbo head for added performance on carpet cleaning.


Commercial Grade-Ultra High Suction Motor producing maximum airflow. and excellent vacuum pressure

Control Centre – The UltraVac Control board is built to withstand any environment,

always ready with Standby Mode Indicator,

Manual Power Override which allows the user to control the vacuum manually

great for testing the power unit and for vacuuming directly from where the system is installed.

Ultra Responsive auto On/Off System – world-class electronics guaranteed to last.

Built-in inlet – ready to use as is from where ever the unit is installed

clean the cars or workshop – save on installing extra inlets as this unit can reach 9-12m from the vacuum

 Auto sealing lid closure system ensures no air leaks and discrete design eliminates nasty looking electrical cables

and extra pipe inside your garage or cupboards. Control On/Off at the Control Centre.

Easy On, Easy Off – Large dust bin locking latches make it easy to grab the dust compartment to remove and empty.

No more messing around trying to align the clips or pinching your fingers – sturdy and long lasting –

That’s Australian quality and innovation.

Dimensions & Installation

Installation is simple – the Ultravac Elite comes with 2 Inlet openings – one on the let and one on the right – this allows you to mount the unit in almost any space and connect your existing pipe to the unit easily.

The Elite can be installed above benches to maximise work area in your garage or workshop and is very lightweight which allows for easy removal when servicing.

A single wall plate has multiple screw locations and the whole unit lifts up to remove. It can be installed inside a cupboard, wardrobe or even outside your home (must be used with an Outdoor Hood to protect from the elements).

There is no need to vent the exhaust to the exterior of the house as the UltraVac systems come standard with High-Grade Filtration which filters down to 0.3 of 1 micron.

A muffler is included which connects to the exhaust vent of the motor – this reduces the air flow noise down which allows for a more comfortable operation inside your home.

Rated Power (Watts) 1800watts
Sealed Vacuum : mmH20 | kPa 3480 (mmH20) 118.11 (inH20) | 34.12 (kPa) 341.04 (mBar)
Airflow Max l/s | ft3/min (cfm) 56 (l/s) 3360 (l/min) | 118.72 (ft3/min) 201.6 (m3/hr)
Air Watts @motor | @ end of hose @ motor = 700 Air Watts
Motor Type Industrial Tangential Bypass 183mm base
Motor Speed (RPM) 21,500
Sound Pressure Level (dB(A) 72.5
Self Cleaning Filter NO
Specialty Filters Polyester Washable HEPA Filter
Certified HEPA Filtration Level 0.3 Micron or bigger HEPA H10
Adjustable Speed NO
Tank Capacity (L) 25L
Weight (kgs/grams) 9
Dimensions 810mm x 310mm (diameter)
Accessories NO
Dust Compartment Tyoe Bagless Cyclonic
Warranty 10 Years
Model Number UltraVac Elite 700 Cyclonic

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