Having an on-site technician means we can repair your vacuum promptly! Many people believe their StickVac runs out of power too quickly. If this is your experience then chances are the battery is not holding the charge or the charger is not charging the battery… Either way, we can fix the problem!


There is no need to come to us. We can organise a pick-up and return service anywhere in the Greater Brisbane, Redland City, Gold & Sunshine Coast Areas.

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We can organise for your vacuum to be collected from your home or office - we have 2 options for collection - if its boxed up and well packaged the following collection costs apply - Brisbane metro $10 North Brisbane to Sunshine Coast $15. Gold Coast $15 If you cannot find a box please call us we can collect for $18 Brisbane metro only with no box. Delivery back to your home or office will be Brisbane $10 - Gold and Sunshine Coast $13. Delivery schedule as per courier company used.


NO SUCTION My Vacuum is not sucking very much

If your stick vac has little or no suction it could be a series of problems which can be easily fixed – First remove all the components – Head, Rods and filter – turn the machine on and see if it sounds ok – while keeping the machine on insert the filter and feel the suction at the front of the unit – if there is good suction


Check the contacts on the charging unit, make sure they are clean. Feel the charge while plugged into the mains power socket – it should be warm – if it is warm it may not be your charger that’s the issue it could be the battery or the contacts. Make sure you charge the unit for 12 hours and test the machine – if you find the power is lost very fast than you may need a new battery – Batteries usually last 3-4 years depending on use – Lithium Batteries work on cycles and once the cycle of the battery has expired the battery will not work properly any more.

NO POWER My vacuum does not work

Check the battery is not damaged, check the lead for the charger unit and make sure the charger is plugged into both the machine and the wall power socket well. If you find the stick vac stops suddenly after a very short period it could mean there is a blockage, most lithium vacuums have sensors which detect a load on the battery/motor – this signals the machine to turn itself off. If you Turn it off and on again you may find it will work a small time but it may shut down. If this occurs to look at your filters – it may be time to replace them or wash the filters. Clean all rods, and remove the roller from the head – remove any debris that may be stuck inside the powerhead itself.

Burning Smell oh oh - that's not a good sign

If there is a burning smell coming from the motor – turn off the machine and bring it into us as soon as you can, it does not mean its the end of the world, but we can replace and repair almost anything. Sometimes the stick vacs just need a good service and clean as they may be working under a load and need some TLC! Best practice is to call us or bring in your unit for us to test – remember Doctor Vacuum does not charge for a quote – ever!

You should clean your filters every 2 weeks! That would make a dramatic improvement on the overall performance of your vacuum cleaner – you should only wash it as required – on average every 2-3 months. Having a spare filter means you can use the unit while the filter is drying – as it is best to leave the filters to dry for 24 hours.

Quick Reference Guide for DIY Troubleshooting
Select an option on the left to troubleshoot some common problems. Doctor Vacuum can service your Stickvac which will restore suction back to new, we can repair faulty Turbo heads and replace batteries on most major brand cordless vacuums.

By keeping the stick vac in top shape it will provide a longer life and do its job better for longer. The more hair and dirt that gets caught in the roller the more strain is placed on the battery – which leads to a reduced running time and poorer performance. If you would like to speak with us please call us on 0488 822 886 and we would love to walk through these with you or bring in your stick vac to our workshop in Capalaba – we also offer a collection and drop off service within Brisbane!

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