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WATER DAMAGE I may have sucked up some water...

That’s ok, make sure you DO NOT turn the machine on, water must travel up the hose, into the vacuum compartment and if BULK water is picked up then it must get through the filters and into the motor. If you suspect you have accidentally sucked up water the best solution is to bring it into Doctor Vacuum as soon as possible, we will open the machine up and dry out all components if the motor has not been damaged, we can test and make sure no other electrical components have been damaged. Many times this is not the end!

NO SUCTION My Vacuum has stopped sucking!

Vacuums have a tendancy to suck up anything in their path, so its common for small items to be lodged in hard to see places, pull the vacuum head off and seperate the rods from the hose. You should be able to inspect with a torch of anything is jammed inside. Remove the hose from the vacuum cleaner and insert a marble or small rock in one end of the hose – see if come out the other side. With all parts removed turn on the vacuum and feel the suction at the machine – if suction is poor tha you mau have to get the machine serviced or replace the filters. If suctions is good than there is an issue with the parts!

If you have air leaking from your vacuum hose it may be able to be repaired, most vacuum hoses can be cut down a little bit and repaired in store using our unique adaptors which thread into most domestic and commercial hoses. We can join and repair most domestic vacuum hoses and we carry hose lengths by the metre so we can select the correct hose size and repair your vacuum cleaner in no time! If you have your hose repaired or replaced the suction will be far greater and you will get the most of your cleaning every time!

NO POWER My vacuum does not work

Most problems occur from the cord – electrical cores are quite thin inside the lead and if the electrical cord gets jammed, twisted, and pulled, sometimes the machine may turn on and off suddenly. This could be an easy fix – we would recommend not to continue use and could be fixed really fast if you continue using it may cause far greater damage. If your vacuum turns off while using it, leave it alone for about 1-2 hours and turn it on again. If the machine turns on then it may mean it overheated, there could be a blockage, dirty filters and would be best to get the machine services. Overheating causes the vacuum to shut down and generally means there is an issue which can be remedied very fast.

Making Loud Sound? Rattling, Whistling, Grinding...

If there is a burning smell coming from the motor – turn off the machine and bring it into us as soon as you can, it does not mean its the end of the world, but we can replace and repair almost anything. Sometimes the stick vacs just need a good service and clean as they may be working under a load and need some TLC! Best practice is to call us or bring in your unit for us to test – remember Doctor Vacuum does not charge for a quote – ever!

Quick Reference Guide for DIY Troubleshooting

Select an option on the left to troubleshoot some common problems. Doctor Vacuum carries all common spare parts in stock with many custom-made options to repair all makes and models. If your vacuum is losing suction, it could be several issues - the vacuum cleaner takes quite a fair amount of banging around the house so it could be something that has come loose or maybe just a seal that needs replacing!

We will assess the vacuum and provide a FREE QUOTE, once approved we will proceed with the repair, as we carry motors, carbon brushes, seals, hoses, filter and most spare parts in stock we would have your vacuum cleaner back on its feet very promptly.

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